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  1. Falcon Group Community Organization
  2. The Black Pearl Gift Shop
  3. IStore Mobile Phone Shop
  4. قطع غيار جميع السيارات- جديد ومستعمل Automotive Parts Store
  5. Echo Studio For Design Engineering Service
  6. حدائق القبة
  7. Ismailia House hotel
  8. Grand tours Cruise Agency
  9. ميدان ثورة الشهداء
  10. Les Anciens Èlèves de Collège Des Frères Bab El Louk Language School
  11. The Egyptian Museum, Cairo الصفحة الرسمية للمتحف المصري History Museum
  12. رحلات شرم الشيخ نصف العام Travel agency
  13. النادي الاهلي المصري
  14. Let Out Travel Eco Tour Agency
  15. ريال مدريد
  16. Amazon shop - أمازون شوب Shopping & Retail
  17. Larva Sunglasses & Eyewear Store
  18. M P medical Shopping & Retail
  19. اوبر مباشر - Uber Mobasher Employment Agency
  20. كريم كابتن
  21. رحلات مصر السياحة Boat Tour Agency
  22. Sadat Metro Station محطة مترو السادات Subway Station
  23. GMAT Tricks Educational Consultant
  24. رويال ايجيبت تورز - Royal Egypt Tours Travel agency
  25. ميدان التحرير Tahreer Square Public & Government Service
  26. Smiley face nursery& pre-school Child Care Service
  27. Wasla Outsourcing Company
  28. GS1 Egypt (باركود مصر)
  30. Java caffee Food & beverage
  31. White Dental Center (وايت دينتال سنتر) Hospital
  32. free2move Pediatric Rehab Center Pediatric Dentist
  33. Faculty of Pharmacy The British University in Egypt
  34. بانوراما
  35. L'arome Restaurant
  36. Dinoz gourmet Modern European Restaurant
  37. Alwan Wa Awtar Community Organization
  38. National Telecommunication Institute ( Training Department) Public & Government Service
  39. Bites Restaurant
  40. Animal Planet Store Pet Service
  41. Equicare Company
  42. Bondok Shop Ice Cream Shop
  43. Suncity cairo | صن سيتي مول Shopping Mall
  44. Jumeirah cafe Cafe
  45. سما القاهرة Real Estate
  46. SODIC Real Estate Investment Firm
  47. Orman Language School - Triumph Language School
  48. Auto One

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